Cale Wibben Sarah Nowlen

PO Box 117 Emden IL 62635 Phone (217) 376-3230 Alt (217) 671-2724

Base pay is $7.75 under 18 and $8.25 over 18

Attendance bonuses are earned by attending work!

$1.50/hr Perfect attendance      Equivalent to $9.25 for under 18

$1.25/hr  miss 1 day Equivalent to $9.00 for under 18

$1.00/hr miss 2 days   Equivalent to $8.75 for under 18

$.75/hr   miss 3 days  Equivalent to $8.50 for under 18

$.50/hr  miss 4 days  Equivalent to $8.25 for under 18

$.25/hr  miss 5 days Equivalent to $8.00 for under 18

Hourly attendance bonuses are paid for all field hours. Not completing the work day (clocking out early) may count against your attendance bonus. You are still paid for hours worked if you clock out early.

Paid bus time- Workers in Monsanto fields (Lincoln area and Mason City Area usually) will be paid for the bus travel time from their pickup spot to the field and from the field back to their pickup spot. Travel time is paid at the base rate. Workers in AgReliant fields (Pekin area and Mackinaw Area usually) will NOT be paid bus travel time, and will instead be paid an additional $1.00 per hour worked in the field!

Crew boss ~ $1.00/hour bonus. Workers will receive an additional $1.00 per hour bonus for crew boss hours. Crew boss positions will be filled on a daily basis from the worker pool. These positions are not necessarily filled with the fastest pullers. A good crew boss is much more than a good puller. They are responsible for the physical well being of their crew as well as their morale. They are accountable for the quality and the quantity of their crew's work. They must be a teacher, a supervisor, a leader, and a friend to their crew. Crew bosses are also responsible for general behavior on the bus. They are expected to monitor, address, and if necessary, report inappropriate behavior or issues on the bus.  

Hiring and Pay ~ We hire returning workers first, then in order of completed applications, based on availability and at our discretion. We communicate extensively through our website, and on Facebook. Names of employees with completed applications will be posted on the website in and abbreviated form, such as “Jane S****“ for Jane Smith. The list will be updated on Sundays throughout June and July, until field work begins. Please check the website,, daily after 6 PM during the work season to see if there are any changes to the schedule. We highly recommend that you friend us on Facebook so that you can be up to date on daily happenings. When contacting us on Facebook please do so in a private message, otherwise we might miss your comment and not be able to answer you!

Workers will be paid directly by Wibben Detasseling. We operate on a 2 week pay period, which starts the day we start field work. The first paycheck will be mailed. Final payday will be 5 days after the season ends. We will hand out paychecks at designated sign up location. If you can’t pick your check up, we will mail it to you. Attendance and crew boss bonuses will be paid on a separate check at the final payday. We keep detailed records of daily hours worked by each employee, but we also recommend that you keep track of your hours for your own information. Hours are posted on the buses periodically, or you can call or Facebook message any time with questions about your hours. Workers are paid field time from the time you start work in the first field till the time you finish work in the last field, minus a half hour for lunch. Water and snack breaks are paid. Travel time between fields is always paid, unless on lunch. 

Bus Conduct. All employees must ride the bus to the field. No personal vehicles are allowed. No parental dropoff or pickup allowed at the field. (Arrangements can be made in emergencies). While on the bus, your driver is your boss, as is your crew boss. Respect them. Stay in your seat and keep the aisles clear. Pick up your trash, on the bus and at the pickup spots. Good behavior on the bus and at the pickup spots is just as important as when in the field. Excessive rowdiness, inappropriate subject matter or language, roughhousing, or smoking (cigarettes or electronic) will all lead to immediate dismissal. If the driver has to stop the bus to talk to you, or reports you to us, you will not receive a second chance. No amplified music allowed on buses. Head phones are required when listening to music or playing games on the bus, THERE  WILL BE NO AMPLIFIED MUSIC ALLOWED ON THE BUS.

The Job.  Each worker is assigned a row. Workers walk through the field, pull the tassels (top flower part of the plant) and drop them on the ground. Never throw them. Your crewboss and field supervisor will teach you what a tassel is. It usually takes a couple days to learn, by your 3rd day you should know what you are looking for. If you don't understand what to look for, ask for a refresher course. The standard is very simple:  if a plant still has a tassel in it, pull it out. As the season progresses, so should your speed. Stay with your crew at all times, and know your crew boss’ name. Breaks for restroom, drinks, snack break and lunch are taken as a crew. If you come out of the field and don’t see your crew, stay right by your row until a supervisor gives you instructions. Never wander away! 

Detasseling can be a lot of fun. It’s a great chance to gain valuable work experience, to make money, and to meet new friends. However, it is also a physically demanding job. Job requirements for the 2019 season are as follows: You must be able to walk long distances, up to 7 miles a day, on uneven terrain. You must be prepared to work all day in weather extremes such as cold mornings, hot afternoons, rain and mud. You must be able to stand and walk for up to 7 hours, excluding lunches and breaks. Everyone is expected to work the entire work day. Clocking out before the work day is done can count against your attendance bonus. Clocking out early just because you are hot, tired, hungry or unprepared is not acceptable and can jeopardize your job. This is not meant to scare you, just to let you know what is expected so that you can be prepared for the job.

If you see something dangerous or inappropriate, tell your supervisor. If you have a problem on the job, physical or mental, tell your supervisor. We can’t correct it if we don’t know about it. Report any injury immediately, no matter how minor.

Poor attitude, inappropriate language, cursing and inappropriate subject matter can jeopardize your job. 

Following are a few things that will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate job termination: 

  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be tolerated
  • No belligerent behavior  
  • No fighting or attempting to start a fight
  • No tampering with anyone else's possessions, especially lunches
  • No smoking on the buses or in the field-For those over 18, smoking is allowed on lunch and breaks.
  • No harassment of any sort
  • No excessive rowdiness, horseplay, or insubordination, in the field or on the bus
  • No cursing or profanity

Wibben Detasseling strives to create a safe and inclusive workplace environment. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind. If you feel that you have been a victim of harassment or discrimination, please report it immediately. Employees can make reports directly to our HR contact, Lindy Manuel 217-871-6602. Please see our full harassment policy, contact information, and definitions on our website,, under the harassment policy heading. 

Leave your phone, IPod, and your wallet at home. If you must bring your phone, leave it in your lunch box, or with your bus driver. Phones are NOT allowed in the field. Anything lost in the field is next to impossible to find. We cannot and will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. If you have any medical conditions, such as allergies or asthma, or require daily medication let your supervisor know before beginning work. Bring any medication that you may need and keep it with you!

For a successful Detasseling season we require you to wear or bring each day:

*RAIN GEAR - Bring this every day whether it looks like it’s going to rain or not!

(A large trash bag with holes cut for your head and arms will work.)

*Your lunch – bring more food than you think you will need. Avoid sugary snacks, soda, and energy drinks. Concentrate on protein like peanut butter or lunch meat, complex carbs like whole grain bread, salty snacks, fruit, and Gatorade type sports drinks. 

*Tennis shoes or boots- high tops are highly recommended–avoid loose, floppy rubber boots. If you wear rubber boots, you must bring a change of shoes and change them at 10 AM (weather permitting). Socks must come up higher than the top of your shoes. Shorty socks are guaranteed to give you blisters!

*A long sleeve shirt – REQUIRED - thin, light colored cotton with neck and cuff buttons is best. No short sleeved shirts.  

*Long pants – thin cotton type fabric is best. Jeans are heavy when wet and take a long time to dry. Long pants are mandatory.

*A bandana to tie around your neck. Keeps your throat from getting scratched by corn or the back of your neck from getting sunburned. .


*Water is supplied at the field, and everyone is encouraged to bring a jug or bottle for drinking on the bus.

*Bring something warm to wear in the morning, something dry to wear on the way home, and a change of socks. Consider bringing flip flops for after work. Bare feet are not allowed at any time in the field. 

To avoid chaffing and discomfort, we recommend you wear compression shorts or some other UnderAmour type leggings under your pants. Frog Tog or Bog Tog type rain gear does not hold up in corn fields, therefore is not recommended. 

All workers are required to wear safety glasses, hats with nets, and gloves in the field at all times.(Provided)  Personal sunglasses must be SAFETY GLASSES and be stamped with a “Z-87”. If you wear prescription glasses you must wear safety glasses over them or safety side shields (provided). You must wear long pants and a LONG sleeved shirt~no shorts or tank tops! You MUST wear your safety equipment and proper attire at all times in the field. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 

Following the rules and being prepared will help us all have a successful season!

Eating a big breakfast is the single most important thing you can do to have a good day!!!