We provide all the forms needed at the meeting. It is not necessary to  print the forms out. We will help everyone fill out the forms correctly  at the meeting. We also have an emergency contact and parental consent  forms that need to be signed by a parent or guardian. If your parent or  guardian cannot attend the meeting with you we will send the forms home  with you and ask that you mail them back to us. 

Everyone working for Wibben Detasseling is required by law to fill out  the Federal and State W-4 forms and the Federal I-9 form. The I-9 form  also requires you to have proper identification. You can look at the I-9  form to see what type of ID is acceptable. The most popular IDs from  list B are drivers license, state ID card, school ID card, 8TH grade  graduation diploma or a report card. You also need an ID from list C  which the most popular are your social security card or your birth  certificate issued from the county or state, not a hospital birth  certificate. We require you to photocopy your IDs so that we can keep a  copy for our records. PLEASE CALL OR WRITE ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY  HAVE.    217-376-3230   CALE